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President and Industry Expert Editor
"Patti runs what is probably the best toy license management company in the United States"



President of Toy Industry Association
"Patti did an extraordinary job building the Women in Toys (WIT) organization from a modest local NYC group into an international group with chapters in many countries. She also launched the Wal-Mart women-owned toy company buying event through WIT. She brings that kind of vision and ambition and determination, to whatever she undertakes."

"Patti is a visionary grounded in a true commitment to help others with her vast expertise. She has been instrumental in helping women in the industry, both as clients and in her work with Women in Toys (WIT). In fact, based on her relationships with Walmart, she started the WIT/Walmart Empowerment Day which I expect will become one of her lasting legacies."


"I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is working with Patti Becker and Becker Associates. I am a toy inventor and I have come to discover that Becker Assoc. is one of the leading agents in this field and has been for decades. Not only is Ms. Becker a consummate professional, she is an effective motivator and inspiration. Moreover, she is highly inventive and offers insightful creative suggestions again and again. In fact, one of my best (in my opinion) concepts can be linked to suggestions Patti offered."

Managing Director, Licensing & Business Affairs
"Patti is one of the best-connected inventor and licensed property representatives in the toy and game businesses, who meets creative demands while also possessing a strong business acumen."

Industry Veteran and Author
"Patti Becker has the imagination, creativity, energy and drive needed to make new consumer products happen. She has been an "integral cog" in the Becker family that has a long reputation for success in the world of toy and game invention and intellectual property licensing. Whether it is casting a critical eye in envisioning sales potential of new concepts or formulating the total package of elements vital to successful product introductions, Ms Becker is a keen judge of winners vs. losers. She is a dynamic force in the world of consumer product licensing."

M&A Expert and Industry Veteran

"I have known Patti Becker for many years as a friend and been involved in Business matters. I have known her to be very professional and knowledgeable in all matters of business. Including, selling companies and understanding Valuation, ebit.da, profitability, products, licensing and above all the capabilities of management. I take for granted her ability to know product and the licensing of product or being the Licensor. Her reputation in the Toy Industry and Licensing is well respected and unblemished."



Global Brand Director
"Patti is a leader for women in the toy industry. I have had the pleasure of working with her on one of our properties and am always impressed by her strong communication and interpersonal skills."



"It's important to me to work with a licensing agent who understands the educational value of my concept and its contribution to developing children. So, I eagerly sought to contact you after learning of your experience in the field of developmental child psychology and education."





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